Language Acquisition Resource Center

LARC Labs are open only for class reservations during the FALL 2021

Zoom Training: recording for Speaking and Interactive Activities

LARC's Multimedia Computer Labs provide SDSU world language students and faculty rich, engaging media to support and enhance language learning. LARC labs offer an extensive set of materials and facilities, extended open hours, one-on-one assistance and a comfortable environment to support the acquisition and study of languages.

Storm Hall SDSU

The resource center has two fully equipped labs with 32 stations each, one with Macintosh computers (205) and one with PC Laptops (204). Both rooms have smart boards. In the labs you can write, spell check, and print in most languages; make excellent audio and video recordings; use language learning software on the computers or accessed through our webpage. Both Labs are used for class visits and for open-study students. There are many prepared instruction sheets, and a lab assistant is always on duty to provide support. Please explore the LARC Lab website and come visit us in person. If you are interested in using the lab for a class session, or would like to arrange a tour of the labs, click on the calendars and submit a reservation request. In addition to the main labs, the Resource Center also has a Collaborative Learning Center (208), a Digital Recording Room (210), and a Video Conferencing Room (214).


LARC instructional documentation on how to use LARC Lab resources.

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SH204 PC Lab

SH205 Mac Lab

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