Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere

A powerful video editing tool, allow you to editing your video in many ways.
Adobe Premiere General Adobe Premiere Instructions

Adobe Premiere Blurring Blurring

Adobe Premiere Cropping Cropping

LARC Video Tutorial LARC Video Tutorial

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorial Adobe Creative Cloud: Online Tutorial

Tech Support Packet

edTPA - TE & CATs
Tech Support Packet Download Tech Support Packet Instructions

Movie Maker

Windows Movie Maker 2016

How to record, edit and publish in Windows Movie Maker
Movie Maker Download Movie Maker Instructions

Using iMovie

Using iMovie

How to record, edit and save projects in iMovie
iMovie allows you to create and edit a movie easily on a Mac
Movie Maker simple Download Simple Movie Maker Instructions
Movie Maker in depth Download Movie Maker In Depth Instructions

Recording Video On Mac

How to record using iMovie, iMovie Customization and Quicktime Player
Recording Video on Mac Download Recording Video Instructions

Recording in Zoomup

How to get your SDSU ID, access your zoom account and record
Zoom Account Download Zoomup Instructions

Using Skype


How to record using Skype and then uploading onto Moodle.
Skype is set up in the Mac lab to record your calls automatically, both audio and video.
Using Skype Download Skype Instructions

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